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EPISODE SLICE #75: How to Raise Funds Successfully on Volunteer Forever

Today, I’m happy to have Steve Weddle, co-founder and CEO of Volunteer Forever, on the show. I had one of the other co-founders on Atlas Sliced a while back, but there have been some big changes since then. Steve’s here to talk about new developments, plus…

  • Volunteer Forever’s growth (1000+ users!)
  • How-to advice on creating a successful volunteer fundraising campaign on the site
  • Success stories of stand-out fundraisers

… and so much more!

There are some screen shots throughout the interview, so make sure to check them out too.

Thanks so much for coming on the show, Steve!

Steve Weddle

Steve Weddle

P.S. Did you know that Atlas Sliced is in iTunes? Check it out right here!

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Get FREE insider news once a week


  • Steven Weddle

    Thanks for having me on, Alexa!

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