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EPISODE SLICE #65: Studying in Italy and Conquering Reverse Culture Shock

Valerie Bordelon, who is the Go Abroad Community Manager and also a student at Colorado State University studying business, is on the show! She’s on the talk about her experiences abroad, most specifically her time studying in Italy and the impact it had on her.

Here are some highlights of what we cover!

  • Her study abroad experience in Florence and the provider she chose (SAI). She searched for over a year to find the right program fit!
  • What she loved about living in Florence
  • Why she avoided getting mixed up with the American stereotype
  • Why she made a goal of working with people in the travel space and how she found the opportunity to work with Go Abroad
  • How she has learned a ton interning for Go Abroad that she would not have learned in school
  • Her reverse culture shock when she re-entered the U.S. and how it was hard to adjust
  • Her tips for landing a desired internship
  • Why she wants to go back abroad and why she thinks international experience will help in a business setting

… and so much more!

Oh, and if you want a good laugh, make sure to listen to the last ten seconds of this episode :)

Other site mentioned
Euroadventures – Valerie traveled through Eastern Europe with this company.

Special thanks to Valerie Bordelon!

Valerie Bordelon

Valerie Bordelon

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