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EPISODE SLICE #54: Teaching English in Jordan As an American Male Expat

One word to describe today’s episode slice: Fascinating. If you’re interesting in living and/or teaching in Jordan as an expat, you are going to love this interview. American Morgan Byrne-Diakun is my guest. He originally came over to Jordan to work as an administrator for a study abroad program (CET). He still works for CET, but he also teaches English because there were so many great opportunities that he couldn’t pass up! We discuss life as a teacher and as an expat in Jordan.

Here are some more topics we discuss:

  • Morgan’s background and how he made it over to Jordan
  • Benefits, pay scale for teachers, accommodation, and visa info
  • Expat communities in Jordan
  • Requirements to teach English in Jordan (hint: be a native English speaker)
  • How he found his teaching jobs
  • Challenges that expat women may face in Jordan and overall safety
  • His own biggest challenges of living in Jordan
  • Advice for people looking to teach or live in Jordan
  • Discrimination that Jews may face in Jordan
Morgan Byrne-Diakun

Morgan Byrne-Diakun

Any questions or comments? Leave them below in the comments section!

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