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EPISODE SLICE #69: Why Wait to Travel? Start NOW With Seasonal Jobs

I am so excited about today’s episode slice! Why? To begin, my guest is super awesome. And secondly, it’s my first FACE-TO-FACE video interview! The setup is super ghetto, but I had a great time. My guest is Susan Shain, the face behind Travel Junkette. She’s all about spreading the message that you don’t need to slave away saving money in a 9-5 job and then travel the world. You can do it NOW via seasonal and adventure jobs.

Susan and I talk about what kinds of jobs she has held and how she supports herself financially. What I love is that through her freelance work, she is developing skills that she can take with her to the workplace if she ever decides she wants to settle down. But, I don’t see that happening anytime soon.

Here are a few more things that we discuss:

  • Volunteering in Nicaragua with kids at La Esperanza Granada
  • How she makes money through her blog and other freelance gigs and how she found these opportunities
  • Her seasonal job in Alaska
  • Ways to get started doing seasonal jobs or working abroad
  • How social media has helped her connect with new people

People and info mentioned
Alexis Grant
Jeff Bochsler from Be Multinational

Special thanks to Susan for being an incredible host while I interviewed her in-person!

Susan Shain in Alaska (photo from

Susan Shain in Alaska (photo from


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Get FREE insider news once a week


  • Susan Shain

    Thanks so much for featuring me, Alexa. It was great to meet you!!!

    • Alexa Hart


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  • Jeff Bochsler

    You women are both incredible! Keep up the great work. The inspiration you are creating is far and wide and the impact you are having is grander than you know. I’m grateful to get to know you both. Let’s keep this energy going.

    • Alexa Hart

      I’m feeling all warm and fuzzy now :). Thanks Jeff. Looking forward to chatting with you!