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QUICK SLICE: A Great Read – One White Face

Good book alert! I recently finished reading One White Face (affiliate) by Hilary Corna. Highly recommend checking out her memoir about working for Toyota Motor Asia Pacific and being the only American there. If you are interested in working in Asia, whether it be for business or something else like teaching, read her book. She touches on a number of cultural differences in the Asian workplace that I wish I had known about before I taught in South Korea. The synopsis on the site can explain it better than I can, so I’ll include it below.

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“Hilary Corna knew exactly what she was supposed to do as an American college graduate with a business degree: find a decent job, move to a city and settle down with the man she loved. But she was anything but a typical twenty-two-year-old college graduate. Against everyones advice, she purchased a one-way ticket to Singapore in hopes of starting her career in Asia. She left home with just one suitcase, a love for Asian culture, and a determination to succeed.

What could have ended in failure turns into the greatest adventure of her life, complete with the challenges of working as the “one white face” of Toyota Motor Asia Pacific. Along with her new career came the thrills of traveling to exotic destinations, the pain of living twelve time zones away from loved ones, and the birth of new friendships across cultures. Over the next three years, Hilary studies kaizen, a business method and management style for problem solving, and applies it during her work with dealerships in the Philippines and India. She blossoms under the guidance of Japanese big bosses who develop from mentors into friends and father figures. 

With a conversational tone and brutal honesty, Hilary invites readers along on her journey of becoming a global citizen—a journey where she discovers the beauty of life and explores her own identity not as one white face, but as a member of humanity.”

Do you have any ideas for the next quick slice? Leave a comment, email me, or find me on social media. I promise I don’t bite!
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