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EPISODE SLICE #50: Paris Unraveled – Live and Study in France on Your Own Terms

Allison Lounes, founder of Paris Unraveled: The Student’s Guide to Living and Studying in France, is on the show today! And, the 50th episode wouldn’t be complete without some sort of freebie, right? Well, Allison is giving away her e-book on Amazon titled How to Save $40,000 Studying Abroad in France. But, the giveaway is only lasting about a day, so head on over to Amazon ASAP!

Now, for a little bit more on Paris Unraveled and the episode slice. Paris Unraveled makes your study abroad experience in France stress-free AND helps enroll you in a French Master’s program. Allison and her team help students find housing, aid in the visa process, edit their papers for grammatical mistakes, get students involved in the community, and so on. Basically, they take care of all the challenges you might face when living and studying in France. Pretty sweet. Allison is on to share her story of how she built her life in France and saved a ton of money studying there locally.

Here are some more highlights from the interview!

  • How getting a Master’s through a public university in France saved her A LOT of money (I’m talking $30k)
  • The challenges she faced on her own when she was over there (housing, visa, social life, working, etc.)
  • Her teaching experience with TAPIF: Teaching English Assistant Program in France
  • The awesome program she created to assist students who come to France

… and so much more!

Make sure to head on over to Paris Unraveled to connect with Allison.

paris unraveled

Allison Lounes, Paris Unraveled

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  • Alexa Hart

    Hey everyone, the book will be free starting late in the day on Tuesday, March 5th PST, and will be available for about 24 hours after that!

  • Lindsay

    I can totally relate to this! I studied abroad in Florence with an expensive program through my university and it was great but I couldn’t afford to do it for a whole year like I wanted. So I went back to my university and ended up working out an exchange program with the University of Florence which was infinitely cheaper (I paid my university’s tuition but it wasn’t expensive at the time). I was in Italy all alone without the support of my home university to find housing, create social events, etc. but it was a much more authentic experience.

    • Alexa Hart

      Thanks for chiming in, Lindsay! It seems to be a similar theme with people who studied abroad. Way to take initiative and work out an exchange program on your own!

  • Rachel

    Does anyone have any idea how to reserve a flight without paying for it? I am going to France in June but the Consulate requires, very specifically, that you RESERVE but NOT PAY for it… So. Confused.

    I tried calling a travel agency as well but they said that they could only reserve for 24 hours without payment. Yikes.

    Hopefully, someone with some experience can shed some light on this, since the Consulate won’t respond to my emails.

    • Alexa Hart

      Great question. I have no clue. Contact Allison at Paris Unraveled and see if she can help :)