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  • EPISODE SLICE #68: Interview with the Director of

    Victoria Mita, the director of, is representing today, and she’s talking to me all the way from Go Abroad’s office in the Philippines! She is an advocate for learning abroad is passionate about international business. Her career path is super unconventional and also very inspiring. We discuss how her time studying in Australia and an international business class impacted her greatly.

  • EPISODE SLICE #67: Working in the Philippines for Go Abroad

    Did you know that Go Abroad has a really nice, huge office in the Philippines that employs over 70 people?! I had no clue until I talked to my guest Jonathan Miers, who is theĀ Go Abroad Operations Manager and works in the Philippines.

    Jonathan talks about his job responsibilities in the Philippines office, his work with the NGO Volunteer for the Visayans, how he has acquired a number of on-the-job skills, how travel has influenced his life personally and professionally, why learning about online marketing and Google rankings is important, advice for people who want to work in Asia, and so much more!

  • EPISODE SLICE #66: Getting Involved in Meaningful Travel Abroad AND At Home

    Annie Bierbower, Content and Outreach Intern for Go Abroad is on today’s episode slice! Annie studied abroad in Lima during her last semester in university and spent a few weeks backpacking in Peru when her semester was finished. What I love about her is her take action attitude and desire to follow her passion for meaningful travel.