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  • EPISODE SLICE #70: Become a Program Leader for High School Volunteer Abroad Trips

    Today’s episode slice is with Liz Leonard, who is the founder of Blue Bridge Project, which is a very unique high school volunteer abroad program. She is an inspiration for all aspiring female (and male) entrepreneurs, and I really enjoyed talking with her. Liz is a veteran leader for high school abroad programs who quit her position as a public interest lawyer to found Blue Bridge Project. We talk about how she made the transition from lawyer to entrepreneur and how YOU can become a program leader with Blue Bridge Project.

  • EPISODE SLICE #69: Why Wait to Travel? Start NOW With Seasonal Jobs

    I am so excited about today’s episode slice! Why? To begin, my guest is super awesome. And secondly, it’s my first FACE-TO-FACE video interview! The setup is super ghetto, but I had a great time. My guest is Susan Shain, the face behind Travel Junkette. She’s all about spreading the message that you don’t need to slave away saving money in a 9-5 job and then travel the world. You can do it NOW via seasonal and adventure jobs.

  • QUICK SLICE: 5 GREAT Recruiting Companies to Teach English in Korea

    I wanna tell you a quick story. When I decided to teach English in Korea few years ago, I was super excited. A new country, new food, new sights to see, and new people to meet. I thought it would be rainbows and butterflies. I was wrong.

    Turns out I had major culture shock at work. I didn’t know how to act. I offended the Korean staff, and they offended me. It was pretty much a nightmare, and I almost went home. I never thought I’d ever get culture shock because I had never experienced it before. In hindsight, I should have read more about the work culture and should have done more research when choosing a recruiting agency. Good recruiting agencies help you prepare for what lies ahead.