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  • GREAT SITE for Teaching English in Korea

    I was going to write a long post about the ins and outs of teaching in Korea UNTIL I found this awesome site, Waegukin. For those who don’t know, a waegukin is a foreigner living in Korea.

    The site has so much detailed information on teaching English in Korea that I encourage anyone interested in teaching there to explore the site. It’s a bit opinionated, but in general, the site is very helpful and informative, specifically this post.

    Screen Shot 2013-05-30 at 12.10.01 PM

    For hagwons (private schools), I highly recommend reading Adventure Teaching’s Let’s Be Frank section.  I have mentioned this before, but it doesn’t hurt to mention it again! Additionally, getting TEFL certified will give you a leg up. International TEFL Academy is the place to go for that.

  • EPISODE SLICE #71: Advice to New Graduates – Teach Abroad

    I’m going solo on today’s episode slice! Since I decided to cut down to one video a week, you might be seeing more of me on the site. What am I talking about on this episode? Why I recommend teaching English abroad. I talk about what you need in order to do it, benefits, good markets to teach abroad (more to come about this in a future episode), helpful sites, how it will impact you, and how it impacted me.

    There’s so much that you can learn about yourself and the world while you’re living in another country. And, there’s so much that you can do with your experiences that you might not have even known about. Watch the video to find out more!

  • EPISODE SLICE #70: Become a Program Leader for High School Volunteer Abroad Trips

    Today’s episode slice is with Liz Leonard, who is the founder of Blue Bridge Project, which is a very unique high school volunteer abroad program. She is an inspiration for all aspiring female (and male) entrepreneurs, and I really enjoyed talking with her. Liz is a veteran leader for high school abroad programs who quit her position as a public interest lawyer to found Blue Bridge Project. We talk about how she made the transition from lawyer to entrepreneur and how YOU can become a program leader with Blue Bridge Project.