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  • EPISODE SLICE #73: International TEFL Academy – Everything You Need to Know About Teaching English Abroad

    I’m really excited about today’s episode slice because it’s packed with lots of great information. My guest Bruce Jones is the founder of International TEFL Academy (ITA), which has emerged as the most comprehensive site out there on teaching English abroad.

    The interview with Bruce is two-fold. First, Bruce and I discuss his fascinating background and how International TEFL Academy came to be (minutes 1-19 ish). Then, for the remainder of the interview, we pivot into details about teaching abroad and cover the following topics:

  • Quick Slice – Atlas Corps: Developing the World’s Best Nonprofit Leaders

    Today, I want to introduce you all to Atlas Corps (not to be confused with Atlas Sliced). I’m sure you’ve heard about the Peace Corps, right? Basically, Americans go overseas to help with social and economic development in other countries in need.

    Atlas Corps is like the Peace Corps in reverse. They recruit some of the brightest nonprofit professionals from other countries and bring them to the U.S. for a fellowship program, where they volunteer at some of the best nonprofit organizations like Ashoka, the UN foundation, the Worldwatch Institute, and many more. It’s a win-win for both sides because the fellows gain important experience and leaderships skills, while the nonprofit organizations get super smart, worldly fellows working on meaningful projects. And, they both share “best practices” with each other.

  • EPISODE SLICE #72: Taking a Sabbatical to Work on Microfinancing Projects in South America

    My guest today is Jeff Bochsler, who is the man behing the website and book Be Multinational. He’s on to talk mainly about how he took a sabbatical to work on microfinancing projects in South America.

    Here’s more of what we talk about:

    • His book on how ordinary citizens made living abroad a reality
    • An easy explanation of microfinance
    • How he was able to take a four-month sabbatical
    • What he did as a Kiva volunteer in South America
    • The importance of “multinational maintenance” when you come back home

    … and so much more!