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EPISODE SLICE #57: Two Online Entrepreneurs Share Their Advice For Becoming Semi-Retired

My guests on today’s episode slice are two awesome (and hilarious) location-independent friends who are already semi-retired, and they’re in their twenties! Well, I think they’re in their twenties. If not, then they are aging well. I tracked them down in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, as they are making their way from Canada all the way down to Antarctica. Funny story – They had to borrow shirts to wear for this interview! It’s a tough life…

So, who are these online entrepreneurs? Amar runs Gap Year Escape, and Andreas runs London Cyclist. They’re on the show to talk  mainly about the online businesses that they created, and how they’re making passive income as they travel and live a semi-retired life. I’d say this episode slice is the perfect “edutainment” episode, so get ready to watch, learn, and laugh.

Here’s some more goodness that we cover:

  • Revenue buckets – affiliates, iphone apps, ebooks, advertising
  • How Andreas’ iphone app made about $10,000 in revenue its first month
  • Why Amar is phasing out advertising as a source of revenue and will be focusing on making his money through affiliate advertising
  • How building trust with your audience and having a solid base of followers can be more important than having a huge subscriber base with poor engagement
  • How long it took them to build  a list of followers
  • Best advice for people just starting out as an online entrepreneur (great insight)
  • Why Amar uses virtual assistants to prevent him from getting in his own way and doing the “boring” tasks that he knows he won’t do
  • Where Amar hires assistants
  • Top tips for hiring VAs and why not to hire them by the hour
  • How Andreas uses VAs for writing on his site
  • How they hold each other accountable as they travel
  • Best advice for gap year newbies

Sites mentioned

Amar and Andreas

Amar (right) and Andreas (left)

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  • Andreas

    Yohoo! Thanks for the interview Alex – really enjoyed it :)

    • Alexa Hart

      I really enjoyed it too. Come back anytime, Andreas!

  • Amar

    You and your product placement. We’re on to you…

    • Alexa Hart

      Haha, Camelbak gets free publicity on every interview I do. Gotta reach out to them!

  • Brandy Bell

    super fun + informative interview boys — learn something new every time you open your mouth amar.