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EPISODE SLICE #48: One White Face – Working Abroad in the Corporate World

This episode slice has been a long time coming. Hilary Corna and I had been trying to  nail down an interview for the LONGEST time. We finally did it, and here it is. Hilary is the author of the memoir One White Face, founder of, and a public speaker (TEDx Talk is here). She has a really unique story because she went into the international corporate world after graduating from university.

Here’s the super cliffs notes version. She bought a one-way ticket to Singapore and gave herself two months to find a job. She “found” a great position (You will want to know how. It’s amazing.) with Toyota Motor Asia Pacific, and as the title of her book implies, she was the “one white face” working there. I highly recommend that you read her book.

Here are some highlights from the interview

  • How she wouldn’t have gotten the position had she been working in the U.S.
  • Major differences between Asian work culture and Western work culture and why people “fail” at jobs overseas
  • Advice on landing a job abroad
  • Why keeping a notebook or journal with you when you are abroad is a great idea
  • How building connections plays a big role


Hilary is the epitome of a global citizen. Make sure to check out One White Face and Live & Work Abroad.

hilary corna

Hilary Corna


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  • Sabine Panneau

    Thanks Alexa for inviting Hilary to your show! It is a great interview…I first heard about Hilary last year and I love how she turned her experience abroad into her current project/business.
    Hilary, 85 pages in a week!!!! that’s dedication!

    • Alexa Hart

      You’re welcome! Hilary is a truly an awesome chica. I have your website up on my comp, so expect an email sometime within the next week. You’d be a great guest :)

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