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EPISODE SLICE #55: Pivoting From Teaching English in Japan to Living a Dream Life Abroad

I don’t usually hold on to episodes for too long, but I waited to post this until my guest had revamped her site. Marie Teather is my guest today, and she’s the face behind Worldette, a website where women can connect with each other wherever they are in the world. The site helps to inspire travel and breakdown boundaries that women might have in terms of getting out and seeing the world. Marie’s story of how she became an international expat is a good one, so don’t miss it!

Here are some more highlights from the episode slice:

  • How she started her international career in Japan and ended up loving it
  • How her English teaching job in Japan led her to follow her passion for journalism
  • The culture shock that she faced when she came back to London after living in Japan
  • What she’s doing in Hong Kong
  • Why there are often really good job opportunities for expats in other countries
  • How making connections is vital if you want to do something else besides teaching English
  • The book that changed Marie’s life (buy it here)

Make sure to head over to Worldette and connect with Marie!

Marie Teather

Marie Teather

P.S. There are only a few more days left to enter the contest to win a Born to Backpack shirt! There will be two winners (one guy, one gal). Enter to win here!

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  • Katya Barry

    Loving ladies! I was waiting for this interview for soooooooo long! Love Worldette’s new look and Marie is truly an inspiration to many expats. Great gig Alexa!

    • Alexa Hart

      Thanks Katya! The world really is so small with the age of the Internet. One day, I want to meet you both in person!

      • Marie Teather

        Yes Alexa, we should all meet in person one day – looking forward to it!