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EPISODE SLICE #49: Johnny Ward on Teaching in Thailand, Lifestyle Design, and Living Life NOW

On today’s episode slice, Johhny Ward is here! He’s the first Irishman on the show and is the man behind a number of different websites, most notably He went from a guy with very humble beginnings to teaching English in Thailand to monetizing through a number of websites he created. Now, he lives a location independent lifestyle and is all about doing what you love now because you never know when your last day will be.

Here are some more highlights from the interview!

  • How easy it was for him to get a teaching job with a CELTA certification
  • Teaching English with AUA (benefits, work life, etc.)
  • His accommodation while living in Thailand
  • Why riding a motorbike in Chiang Mai is helpful when getting around
  • How tutoring on the side in Thailand can get you some extra cash
  • How he made the transition from teaching to blogging and setting up websites
  • How “lifestyle design” has helped him manage all his websites, and he only ” works” 15-20 hours a week

Other sites mentioned in the interview
Aspiring Backpacker
Geriatric Traveller
British Council
Wall Street

Make sure to head over to to connect with Johnny!

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Get FREE insider news once a week


  • Johnny Ward

    Thanks for the opportunity Alexa! :) If anyone has any questions they can drop me a line on

    • Alexa Hart

      Love the personal touch, Johnny!

  • Nomadic Samuel

    Very cool interview u2!

    • Alexa Hart

      Thanks Sam!