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How Do I Make My Show?

Wondering how I make my show? You’ve come to the right page!

Recording the Interviews

I use Skype for most of my interviews, and Ecamm Call Recorder to record them on my Mac.

Putting it all together

ScreenFlow is what I have been using to record my intros and capture the screen. It’s a great editing tool to combine all my media, and it’s WAY faster to export movies than iMovie. Totally worth it, and it saved me a ton of time since I made the switch from iMovie. The support videos online are super helpful too.

Web Show Training

Create Awesome Interviews (CAI) changed my life. It’s an online training program for creating your own web show. The inventor of CAI is David Siteman Garland, who is the founder and host of a highly successful web show called The Rise to the Top. Here are some key highlights of CAI and what you get.

  • Nine video-based modules on creating a foundation for your site and show, landing guests, interviewing, building a community of fans, and monetizing
  • Seven “interrogations” with really awesome interviewers about their own interview styles and tactics
  • Tutorials on all the tech-related stuff (Call Recorder, ScreenFlow, VodBurner, Go To Meeting)
  • Resource guides in PDF format (includes web designer tips, email scripts for landing sponsors and guests, and some special deals on products)
  • Access to a private Facebook group for support from other CAI alumni

Can’t recommend Create Awesome Interviews enough!