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Guest Posting on Atlas Sliced

Want to write a guest post for Atlas Sliced? I’d love to have you on board. See the guidelines below for more details.

Style and tone: First or third person, conversational, and informative

Words: 600-1000 (approximately)

Themes: Advice, how-to, a “day in the life” of someone living abroad long-term (preferably 2+ months), or anything related to the benefits of international living/exchange/education. Here are some examples:

  • 5 Ways to Find Unpaid Volunteer Work
  • How to Volunteer Abroad For Free
  • A Day in the Life of a Volunteer in [Insert Location]
  • 7 Tips for Hiring Virtual Assistants While Managing Your Biz Abroad
  • Travel Writing: What Does It Really Take to Succeed?
  • How to Break Into the Field of International Education in the U.S.
  • How to Break Into the Field of International Education in [Insert Country]
  • 5 Ways To Find an Internship Abroad That Won’t Break the Bank
  • Working in ________ as a ________. What It’s Like.
  • Advice For Finding a Teaching Job in [Insert Country’s Name]
  • 8 Reasons Why Learning Chinese Will Give You a Leg Up

These are just a few ideas. I am open to many more compelling ideas, so don’t hesitate to pitch them.

Types of articles I am NOT looking for: Frequent flier tips, money-saving techniques, promotional posts related to your business

Format: I’m a big fan of bullet points and/or numbers, bolding, italicizing, and underlining to make it easily digestible.

Additional photos: Optional, but you may include 2-5 relevant photos.

PLEASE NOTE: This must be unpublished content.

What’s in it for you?

  • The chance to publish your own content.
  • Author bio and pic – You may include a 2-4-sentence bio, a pic, and links to any of your relevant social media accounts or websites.

Email me (Alexa) at alexa[at]atlassliced[dot]com with a small pitch including your idea(s).