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EPISODE SLICE #58: An In-Depth Look at Working as An American Female Expat in the Middle East

Today’s episode slice is a long one. It’s long for a good reason of course. My guest Carol Crehan was so interesting that I just couldn’t stop talking to her! She has lived and worked abroad in the international education field for the past umpteen years, mainly in Asia and the Middle East. She’s on the show to talk mostly about her time teaching English and living as an expat in Qatar.

We cover a ton of ground. Here is just some of what we discuss!

  • How her life overseas began with the Peace Corps in Sri Lanka and the profound impact that it had on her
  • How her awkward or worst moments abroad turned into some of her best stories over time
  • A hilarious story about an ant-covered pink pudding her Sri Lankan host family gave her (You WILL laugh out loud.)
  • What her teaching job entailed in Qatar (her students, the curriculum, benefits, what a typical day was like at work, her accommodation, financial ease)
  • The fascinating dynamics of teaching mixed group university students (males and females in a classroom for the first time) who were preparing to study in an English-speaking country
  • Why reading and writing levels are emphasized much less in Qatar than speaking and listening
  • Why rapport and personal relationships are crucial to communication and help build trust
  • Why teaching English in the Middle East is considered the “cash cow”
  • How she didn’t need to know Arabic to get around in the Gulf
  • Driving in the Middle East and the craziness that ensues on the road
  • What life was like for her in general and her thoughts on transportation, safety, crime, the weather, respect toward women, the culture, and expat life
  • Her recommendations for entering the international education field as a teacher overseas, especially in the Middle East
  • How she worked at the State Department as an English language fellow
  • The prevalence of plagiarism and  grade inflation in the schools
  • Why she is deciding to work abroad again

… and so much more!

A BIG thanks to Carol for being such a great guest! Here are some pics of her in the Middle East!




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  • Lindsay

    I can’t watch the video. It says “Private.”