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QUICK SLICE: 6 Awesome Video Channels From Expats in Korea

If you’re thinking of teaching English in Korea or moving there to be an expat, this video is for you. I made a list of awesome video channels from expats in Korea who I think provide great informational and entertainment value about living and working in Korea.

I’ll list their info in order of appearance in the video.

1) BackpackingTravelTV – Hosted by Samuel Jeffery (aka Nomadic Samuel) and Audrey Bergner (aka That Backpacker)



2) Eat Your Kimchi - Hosted by Simon and Martina. YouTube channel: here

Eat Your Kimchi


3) Expat Kerri – Hosted by Kerri! YouTube channel: here

Expat Kerri


4) Semipermanent  - Hosted by Erik Moynihan and Tiffany Needham



5) Steve Miller  (aka Qi Ranger) – YouTube channel: here

Qi Ranger


6) Michael Aronson

Michael Aronson


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Get FREE insider news once a week


  • Nomadic Samuel

    Thanks Alexa, we’re honored to be included with such great other channels :)

    • Alexa Hart

      Thank YOU for making great content!