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EPISODE SLICE #8: Something Different – Jermaine Justice on Parent Effectiveness Training in China

On today’s episode slice, I’ve got Jermaine Justice, who came to China to teach English, but like many of my guests, ended up doing something else in China. Teaching was just the segue.

Jermaine recently became a Parent Effectiveness Training Instructor (PET), and he’s on to talk more about it. It’s something very different that not a lot of Westerners are doing in China, so that’s why it’s interesting.

Here are some more highlights from the interview:

  • How he is attracting English-speaking clients
  • The importance of current and past relationships (called Guanxi in Chinese)
  • How living abroad has allowed Jermaine to create a blank slate for himself and live the life he wants
  • Tips on becoming a PET instructor
  • The ease of finding freelance English work if you are looking for extra cash
  • Advice for people who are thinking about moving abroad

… and so much more!

Info and Sites Mentioned in the Interview:

Question of the day: ARE YOU AN ESL TEACHER LOOKING TO MAKE A SWITCH TO SOMETHING ELSE ABROAD? Let me know in the comments!

Connect With Jermaine
You can connect with Jermaine on his website at You can also find him on Facebook at Surveillance Clothing.


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