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Episode Slice #6: Phil Crimmins on Teaching, Tutoring, and Rocking Out in China

Want a job that pays well? Move to China! The economy is much better there than in the good ole USA. On today’s episode slice, I have a really interesting (I say that word about 200 times in the interview.) and unconventional guest today. His name is Phil Crimmins, and at the time of this interview, he was a full-time musician in Baotou, Inner Mongolia, which is in China by the way, not the country of Mongolia. He is now doing other gigs in different parts of China. Phil wasn’t always a musician, though! He started off teaching and tutoring and transitioned into playing the drums there.

I apologize for the choppy connection at times. The video of Phil isn’t completely clear, but it’s the content that counts! He has some great things to say.

Here are some highlights from the interview:

  • How easy it was for Phil to get a visa to teach in China, and how easy it can be for you out there too (hint: no university degree required)
  • How it’s really easy to get tutoring clients and support yourself by only working 15-20 hours a week
  • How he transitioned from teaching/tutoring to playing music and connecting with agents
  • A look inside the negotiation process in China
  • His rock star, ballin lifestyle that he lives, while he follows one of his passions and interests – playing the drums – with a Cuban band and living in a hotel (all expenses paid) in Inner Mongolia

… and so much more!

Info and Sites Mentioned in the Interview:

  • The Journey of 1000 Miles – Phil’s blog
  • Qunar – For cheap flights in and around China. It’s all in Chinese, so you’ll need some translation help with this one.
  • Hostel World – The site Phil uses to book accommodation
  • Air Asia – The airline Phil said he has used to travel to other places in Asia
  • English First – Legit recruiting company for teaching English in China
  • Wall Street English – Legit recruiting company for teaching English in China
  • Disney English – Legit recruiting company for teaching English in China

Question of the day: Before watching this interview, DID YOU KNOW IT WAS POSSIBLE TO LIVE THE ROCK-STAR LIFESTYLE IN CHINA? Let me know in the comments!

Connect With Phil
You can connect with Phil on his blog or on Twitter (@PhilCrimmins).

Phil Crimmins

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