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EPISODE SLICE #44: The Globetrotter Girls Discuss Being Digital Nomads and Housesitting

Anyone know what being a successful digital nomad entails? To contrary belief, it’s not always roses and butterflies and beach walks. It takes a lot of patience, dedication, and┬áperseverance┬áto be location independent.

Dani and Jess from have been traveling, working, and living abroad as freelancers for the past few years, and they’re loving it. They are veteran travelers who have lived abroad long-term in a combined seven countries. Yes, seven. That number will rise, I am sure. In today’s episode on Atlas Sliced, you’ll hear about how they do it AND how housesitting plays a big role. Did I mention they are authors of a new book titled Break Free: The Ultimate Guide to Housesitting? These gals don’t mess around!

Here are some more highlights from the interview!

  • How they were able to pack up their London flat and start traveling
  • Their main source of income and how much they work
  • Best and worst parts of being location-independent digital nomads
  • How they’ve been able to get FREE incredible accommodation in amazing places through housesitting
  • Tips for getting awesome housesitting gigs

… and so much more!

Other sites and info mentioned in the interview

Connect with Dani and Jess

Globetrotter Girls

Dani and Jess in their digital nomad office in Mexico!


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