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EPISODE SLICE #38: Study Abroad – Tips and Tricks

Atlas Sliced special episode week! This week, you’re getting FIVE interviews instead of one. Each day of the week, a different person from Go Overseas is on the show to talk about a unique topic. Today’s topic: Studying overseas.

Guest Megan Lee, Study Abroad Director for Go Overseas, has an extensive study abroad background in Asia and Africa. She makes a pretty great case for studying abroad and talks about how to get started. 

Here are some highlights from the interview:

  • Her experience with home stays and how they gave her a clearer picture of life in the host country
  • What kind of mentality is important to have a successful a home stay 
  • Safety – Why going through a provider can be safer than finding study abroad options on your own
  • How the value of international experience can play a positive role with employers
  • Tips for funding your study abroad experience
  • Tips for choosing the program that fits your wants and needs best
  • The biggest lesson she learned while abroad (love this)

A big thanks to Megan for contributing to this special week! Make sure to visit Go Overseas’ Study Abroad Homepage for more details on study abroad.

Atlas Sliced - Megan Lee - Go Overseas

Megan Lee

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