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EPISODE SLICE #37: Differences in ESL Teaching Opportunities Overseas

Atlas Sliced special episode week! This week, you’re getting FIVE interviews instead of one. Each day of the week, a different person from Go Overseas is on the show to talk about a unique topic. Today’s topic: Teaching overseas.

Who knew that losing a finance job in Manhattan would result in teaching overseas? For my guest today, that’s what happened. Tucker Hutchinson, marketing director at Go Overseas, is kicking off this special week of episode slices. Today, we’re talking all about teaching abroad, a very popular work abroad option.

Here are some highlights from the interview:

  • Tucker’s experience teaching at an Avalon school
  • The benefits of working at a big hagwon (private school)
  • Countries with big teaching markets
  • Differences between teaching in more developed countries versus less developed countries
  • What recruiters look for in a prospective teacher
  • How to go about finding the right teaching position for yourself
  • Where people can go to find out more about teaching abroad.

Make sure to check out Tucker’s video on different teaching options in Korea. It’s very helpful!

Site Mentioned - Dave’s ESL Cafe

A big thanks to Tucker for contributing to this special week! Make sure to visit Go Overseas’ Teach Abroad Homepage for more info on teaching abroad. 

Tucker Hutchinson from Go Overseas on Atlas Sliced

Tucker from Go Overseas

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