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EPISODE SLICE #36: How Studying Abroad Shaped Designer Joel Goyette

Okay, so I normally don’t post episodes on Atlas Sliced on a Friday, but you’re in for a treat today. Why? Guest Joel Goyette is on the show. He’s an entrepreneur and designer from California who has spent a significant amount of time studying abroad. You’re not only going to hear some ridiculously insightful words on his experiences overseas, but you’re also going to hear about how his travels inspired him to create beautiful hardwood world maps. And guess what? He’s giving away one of these beauties! See below to find out more, or go to the home page of Atlas Sliced.

Here are some highlights fromt the interview:

  • How the value of speaking Spanish played a role in his decision to study abroad
  • The program Joel participated in when studying abroad
  • His experience with culture shock
  • How he went from being a poor Spanish speaker to reaching mastery of the language
  • What a typical day like was for Joel as a foreign exchange student
  • What it takes to have a successful study abroad experience
  • The biggest lesson Joel learned while abroad and how it affected him personally and professionally
  • How he was inspired to create hardwood world maps

About the contest

hardwood world map

Hardwood World Map

You can enter the contest here. It’s super simple, and all the details are on the contest page

Remember – It’s not a paper poster. It’s a piece of art.

About Joel Goyette and His Maps

Head on over to for more info on Joel and his beautifully designed maps. 

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  • Joel Goyette

    Thanks for having me on the show, Alexa! If anybody has any questions about studying abroad in Argentina, Spain or Brazil, happy to answer! Also, thanks for sharing my line of exotic hardwood world maps ( with the Atlas Sliced community.