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EPISODE SLICE #32: The Power of Connections As a Serial Expat

My guest today is freelance writer Edna Zhou, who is a “serial expat exploring the world one city and one year at a time.” She has lived and worked in China, Singapore, and now Paris doing a number of different jobs. Her writing positions have taken her all over the place, most notably to the London Olympics and to the Fifa U-17 Women’s World Cup in Azerbaijan. She provides a great perspective on life abroad as an expat.

Here are some highlights of the interview:

  • How she has gotten different jobs all over the world and tips for newbies looking to find jobs abroad (The power of connections comes into play once again!)
  • How being mindful of her budget helps her live the lifestyle she wants
  • What kind of visa she has in order to live in France
  • Her year-off from university and why it was meaningful
  • Discrimination she has faced being Asian American
  • Her biggest “mistake” or teachable moment from living and working abroad

Sites mentioned in the interview

  • Expat Edna – Check out her blog on living abroad long-term AND being engaged to someone really far away
  • Monster – She used Monster to post her resume in different countries
  • LinkedIn – Edna mentioned a great tip on how to use LinkedIn for getting jobs in other countries

Connect with Edna

Edna Zhou

Twitter: @ednacz
Facebook: ExpatEdna

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  • Edna

    It was wonderful to meet you Alexa! and thanks for having me on :)

    • Alexa Hart

      So glad to have you on, Edna! You have accomplished so much overseas. It’s really amazing to see people in great positions abroad. Oftentimes, the positions are ones that would be difficult to get in the states, but being abroad makes it so much easier.

      • Edna

        Could not agree more! I have a feeling that if I’d stayed in the States I’d be an intern doing coffee runs or still working at Starbucks…

  • Kieu – GQ trippin

    Aww it’s so nice to finally “hear” you E.. great interview Alexa – very inspiring.

    • Alexa Hart

      Thanks Kieu! Hope you’re enjoying home!

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  • Erica

    Awesome interview, thanks for all the info!

    Edna is such a go-getter and is very inspiring. I’m always very anxious to hear her next steps because I know they’ll be awesome :)

    • Alexa Hart

      Agreed, Erica. Edna is one inspirational gal who takes action!