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EPISODE SLICE #30: An Expat’s Story of Starting a Passion-Filled Business in Costa Rica

How would you like to live on your favorite beach in the world, marry the person of your dreams, and make a living doing some of your favorite things in the world? My guest Kristin Gilbert Ramirez is doing precisely that near the coastal town of Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica. Originally from Maine, she has been living in Costa Rica for about five years now. She’s on to tell you about her journey and gives advice on getting started if you want to start your own business in Latin America too.

Here are some of the highlights!

  • Her decision to turn her passions into something full-time
  • How she made the transition of being a high school Spanish teacher to moving to Costa Rica
  • The challenges of setting up a business as an expat in Costa Rica
  • Meeting her Costa Rican husband
  • Her biggest piece of advice for starting a business abroad (I love this!)

… and more!

Connect with Kristin and OM

Many thanks to Kristin for sharing a little slice of her life as she lives out her dream! What’s your dream life, and how are you going to attain it?

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