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Episode Slice #3: Insights and Advice on Full-time Travel Blogging with Dave Lee

I have a fantastic guest on today’s episode slice—Dave Lee! I did a little happy dance when I found out he was going to come on the show. For those who don’t know Dave Lee, he is a full-time time traveler and travel blogger and a very interesting fella.

Here are some highlights from the interview:

  • Advice on leaving your job to travel (dedication to the idea and setting goals for yourself)
  • Some good flight sights for planning a trip (see links below)
  • Buying plane tickets as you go for a round-the-world trip instead of buying plane tickets ahead of time
  • Why travel blogging is a dream come true for him (an inside look on what it’s like)
  • Tips for people who want to be successful travel bloggers (the importance of learning from veterans, getting mentors, and commitment)
  • His program Travel Blog Success, which will help you figure out how to fund your travels and build up a successful blog

… and so much more!

People and Sites Mentioned in the Interview:

  • Go Backpacking – Dave’sTravel Blog
  • Medellin Living – Dave’s Colombia Blog
  • Travel Blog Success – Dave’s program on building a successful travel blog)
  • Air Treks – The site/company Dave used to buy a few of his airline tickets for his round-the-world trip.
  • Flight Fox – A site where you can hire people to find the best travel deals for you. Dave saved around $300 when using this site.
  • Dave and Deb from The Planet D – Webinar guest for Travel Blog Success
  • Craig Martin from Indie Travel Podcast – Webinar guest for Travel Blog Success
  • Nomadic Samuel – In less than 12 months of joining Travel Blog Success, Nomadic Samuel was making $6000 a month on travel blogging

Question of the day: ARE YOU A FULL-TIME TRAVEL BLOGGER? OR, DO YOU WANT TO BE ONE? Let me know in the comments!

Connect With Dave
You can connect with Dave on one of his sites, through Twitter (@rtwdave), or through Facebook. You can also email him at

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