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EPISODE SLICE #29: Bicycling Successfully All Over Asia

Today on Atlas Sliced, my guest is a very adventurous fella, Mike Roy, who is using money he saved from teaching in Korea to fund a bicycling trip all over Asia. The crazy thing is that he didn’t even learn to ride a bike until he was 23! In the interview, he stated that his bike trip started 91 days ago. Since we recorded the chat a few weeks ago, he’s been on the road for a lot longer. He has no plans of stopping anytime soon and might even be biking for as long as three years!

Here are some more highlights from the interview:

  • How he keeps costs down when it comes to accommodation
  • How being friendly can get you a long way
  • How locals enjoy helping him and interacting with him
  • Biggest challenges on his trip (You’ll be surprised by this one.)
  • Maintaining his blog as he goes
  • Eating a goat brain offered by a local man

This is another interview similar to the episode slice with Lauren Rains where I ended up recording part of our “post-chat,” so you’ll see some extra footage at the end that I found entertaining about traffic and the goat brain.

Info and Sites Mentioned in the Interview

  • Couchsurfing – The site he uses to sometimes stay with people
  • What you see is what you get – A type of publishing that Mike might use instead of Blogger
  • Mike in Daegu – Mike’s blog. Follow along with him on his journey!

A Few Photos


Mike riding with his gear

A closer look at his gear

The goat brain!

NOTE #1: Check out Mike’s TED Talk on his path to green living. It’s quite fascinating.

NOTE #2: On Sunday, December 9th at 11am EST, I’ll be participating in a Google+ Hangout focusing on Christmas in different parts of the world. There will be prizes. Click here for more details. 

NOTE #3: I have been told by a few people that my microphone looks a bit suggestive. You’ll see less of the mic in future episodes. Get your mind out of the gutter, people! 

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