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EPISODE SLICE #28: Overcoming Challenges When Living Abroad

In order to live and work abroad successfully, you’ve got to be able to overcome challenges that arise. Global attitude architect Katya Barry is on the show today to talk about how to overcome struggles of living in a foreign country. If you don’t know what a global attitude architect is, don’t fret. She’ll explain.

Here are some key highlights we discuss:

  • Feeling out of place and struggling to connect with others + solutions
  • Concerns about being a trailing spouse
  • Doing more meaningful work when you’re abroad
  • Katya’s Christmas party (with prizes) on December 9th, 2012 using Google+ Hangouts

Info and Sites Mentioned in the Interview

Connect with Katya

Katya Barry – Pic taken from

Facebook: Katya Barry
Twitter: @KatyaBarry
LinkedIn: Katya Barry
YouTube: Katya Barry


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  • U in the USA

    Great show. I will share your helpful tips and ideas within my community. InterNations’ events provide indeed numerous opportunities to connect with expats, make new friends, leverage new opportunities and find comfort, learn about the new surroundings and adjust to the new culture. Great job Alexa and Katya. Thank you. Jean-Marc Dedeyne

    • Alexa Hart

      What a thoughtful comment! Thank YOU Jean-Marc for taking time to write. I am going to attend an InterNations holiday party next week in Los Angeles. Looking forward to meeting new people, as I am new to the InterNations community!

  • Guest

    You are very welcome Alexa. WOW. What a small world. I am one of the ambassadors running the InterNations LA’s community. I am feel honored to have you among our guests next week. I can’t wait to meet with you and introduce to other members. Thank you. Jean-Marc

    • Alexa Hart

      Oh my goodness, super small world! So excited to meet you, Jean-Marc :)

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