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EPISODE SLICE #26: Reversing Your Reverse Culture Shock

You decide to live in a foreign country. You eat new food, meet new people, and start a completely different kind of life. You might experience some culture shock, and then you adjust to your surroundings. But what happens when you go back to your home country? Reverse culture shock. Sometimes you don’t even know you’re experiencing it. Reverse culture shock can affect you in a number of different ways.

Lindsay Hartfiel, founder of Native Foreigner Magazine, is on the show to talk about her own story of reverse culture shock, ways to cope with it, and ideas for turning your travel experiences into something meaningful.

Info mentioned in the interview:

  • Samara – The beach town where Lindsay lived in Costa Rica
  • Oimei – The fair trade business in Southeast Asia that is profiled in Native Foreigner Magazine
  • The Lost Girls – The book Lindsay mentioned in the interview. Really awesome story! From their site –  ”Three friends at a crossroads in their twenties make a pact to quit their high pressure New York media jobs; leave their friends, boyfriends and everything familiar behind; and embark on a year-long backpacking adventure around the world.”

Connect with Linday on Social Media!

Twitter: @NatForeignMag
Facebook: Native Foreigner
Pinterest: Native Foreigner

Personal endorsement: Highly recommend subscribing to Native Foreigner Magazine. It’s beautifully designed and has unique stories about travelers doing extraordinary things.

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Get FREE insider news once a week


  • Lindsay

    Thanks so much for featuring Native Foreigner on your show! It was wonderful to chat with you :)

    • Alexa Hart

      Anytime, Lindsay! Keep rocking it. I am super wowed by your magazine. So sorry for responding late… My comment system got screwed up!