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EPISODE SLICE #25: Adventure Travel with Lauren Rains

On today’s episode slice, Lauren Rains, founder of Outdoor Minded Mag, is on to talk about her badass life as a lover of adventure travel and excursions, from the U.S. all the way to China. Oh, and make sure to check out her incredibly extensive bucket list too.

Here are some highlights from the interview:

  • Lauren’s online adventure magazine and how it came to fruition
  • Her decision to move to China and how she found a job at an adventure travel company
  • How she honed her web design and online marketing skills in China
  • How she funds her travels
  • Insights on addressing fears of moving abroad and finding a job
  • Her her role models in the adventure travel world
  • How micro adventures are a great way to explore without traveling internationally
  • How adventure travel trains your mind to believe in yourself more (<—- Click to Tweet!)
  • Post-interview conversation on reverse culture shock and finding your identity. I had clicked the stop record button and then decided to record more of our convo because it was very relevant!

Sites and People Mentioned in the Interview:

Connect with Lauren

Lauren Rains

Twitter: @LaurRAINS
Facebook: The Mad to Live
Facebook: Outdoor Minded Mag

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  • Lauren Rains

    Alexa – thank you so much for having me on the show! Not only was it amazing connecting with you, but I’m also grateful to have had the opportunity get to share a bit of my story in the hopes it’ll inspire more people to get out there and explore our world!!!!!

    - Laur :)

    • Alexa Hart

      Laur – You were an amazing guest. I was just talking to someone the other day, and he mentioned your interview and how much he liked it. Love that you are such an inspiring human being :) Major apologies for not responding to this comment sooner. My comment system got messed up!

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