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EPISODE SLICE #19: Founding Flightfox with Lauren McLeod

Psssst. I’m running my 1st contest! There are two ways to enter: 1) Fill out this form (easiest way). 2) Head on over to the Atlas Sliced Facebook page and click on the box that says “Enter to Win!” The lucky winner will get a copy of the book Plan Your Escape by Wayne Dunlap. Wayne and his wife Pat will be on Atlas Sliced on November 15th. 

Co-founder Lauren McLeod of Globetrooper and Flightfox is on the show today!  Before you read any more of this, go over to Flightfox, and check it out. It’s a very unique crowd-sourced flight site. Lauren and I talk about the story behind the sites she founded and her extensive adventure travel background.

Here are some highlights from the interview:

  • Lauren’s adventure travel excursions (climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro, trekking for 30 kilometers a day in the Gobi desert for 50 days)
  • How her adventure travel led her to found Globetrooper
  • Selling Globetrooper and starting Flightfox
  • A few more details about Flightfox

Connect with Lauren and Flightfox
Feel free to connect with Lauren and the Flightfox team through the links below. I’m also posting some of her amazing pics from her Gobi Desert trek. All her pics are out of this world!

Flightfox on Twitter: @Flightfox
Lauren on Twitter: @flmyngo
Flightfox on Facebook: Flightfox

Lauren with one of the camels

Some of the camels on her trek

Lauren after her first hair wash of her trek!

One last thing: My 2nd Google+ Hangout on Air will be on Wednesday, November 7th at 4pm PST. To watch it live, RSVP to the event, and head over to my Google+ profile page when it’s time. 

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