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EPISODE SLICE #18: Budget Your Trip with Bryan Tighe

*ANNOUNCEMENT: My first Google+ Hangout on Air is today (October 30th, 2012 at 4pm PST)! Make sure to tune in as I interview Spencer Spellman from the Traveling Philosopher. RSVP here or find me on Google+

The time has come, people! I told you I was going to bring on guests who are the faces/brains behind amazing travel resources. On today’s episode slice, I’m thrilled to have Bryan Tighe, founder of Budget Your Trip, which is a site for looking up expenses in other countries AND tracking your own expenses when on a trip.

I apologize for the audio quality. Sometimes Skype misbehaves!

Here are some highlights from the interview:

  • Getting bitten by the travel bug
  • How his documented trips with his wife sparked the idea to make Budget Your Trip
  • Info on Budget Your Trip and how it’s useful to you
  • Paid travel cost guides on the site (in PDF format, Kindle format, Nook, and soon to be iBook, apps are also available) – Good supplements to guide books
  • My own quick demo of Budget Your Trip (around the 15 minute mark)

Connect with Bryan
Budget Your Trip on Facebook: BudgetYourTrip
Budget Your Trip on Twitter: @BudgetYourTrip
Bryan on Twitter: @BryanTighe

Bryan Tighe from Budget Your Trip

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