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EPISODE SLICE #17 – Volunteering Around the World with Shannon O’Donnell

You’re in for a treat today because Shannon O’Donnell is on the show! Shannon is a marketing consultant, a writer, and an expert in global volunteerism! She is the ultimate humanitarian who has devoted a lot of her life to really meaningful grassroots projects.

Here are some highlights from the interview:

  • Meaningful volunteer and grassroots moments in her life
  • Grassroots volunteering and supporting small businesses/social enterprises in developing countries
  • Tips for finding a volunteer program that matches your motivations
  • Asking the right questions about potential volunteer programs
  • Differences between paid volunteer programs and unpaid programs
  • Why volunteer tourism is on the rise
  • Why longer-term volunteering is a great learning experience and a way to connect with the community on a number of levels
  • Shannon’s comprehensive new book on the ethics of volunteering, vetting organizations and travel tips!

Info and Sites Mentioned in the Interview:

Connect with Shannon
To connect with Shannon, head over to her blog or say hello to her on Twitter (@ShannonRTW).

Shannon O’Donnell

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