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EPISODE SLICE #13: The Philippines to China to Chile – Changing Career Paths

My guest today is Kate Yu. Kate is the first non-American on the show, which is exciting! She’s from the Philippines (Did you know English is an official language of the Philippines?). She’s on Atlas Sliced to talk about teaching in China and then moving to Chile for a different career path. Sound a little familiar? She knows Leslie Forman, who is a former guest of Atlas Sliced.

Here are some highlights from the interview:

  • Salary, benefits, and lifestyle of her teaching job in China
  • Her dynamic and tight-knit relationships with her coworkers
  • Taking time off work in China to travel to Australia
  • How she almost got evicted from China
  • Why she bought a one-way ticket to Chile
  • How she is shifting careers in Chile as a writer
  • The expensive cost of living in Chile
  • Helpful sites and tips for working, living, and traveling as a foreigner
  • Misconceptions about a two “dangerous” countries

… and so much more!

Info and Sites Mentioned in the Interview:

  • Kate’s Blog (Live Out of the Box) – Kate writes about unconventional travel tips/hacks and info/resources on traveling
  • Leslie Forman – Former guest on Atlas Sliced
  • Start-up Chile - A organization designed to create a culture of entrepreneurship in Chile. Super cool.
  • Scholaroo – The company where Kate interns at in Chile.
  • Pink Pangea – One of the sites Kate writes for
  • InterNations – Kate uses this site to connect with other expats all over the world. From their website: “InterNations is the first international online community for people who live and work abroad.”
  • Koreo – A tour company that will take you to North Korea
  • Lupine Travel – Another tour company that will take you to North Korea

Connect With Kate
You can connect with Kate on her site and on Twitter (@YuTravelWrite).

Kate’s pic

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