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EPISODE SLICE #12: Launching Your International Career with Leslie Forman

Are you interested in an international career, but you don’t know where to start? On today’s episode slice, Leslie Forman shares what it’s like to live, intern, and work in both China and Chile. You’ll hear how she launched her own international career, what she did in China, and what she’s doing now in Chile. You’ll also hear about how you can get started if you want to work abroad.

Leslie has worked in lots of different industries, including advertising, consulting, corporate social responsibility, education, and entrepreneurship. And guess what? She is not even 30 years old! A true inspiration right here.

The interview is VERY long. In case you feel like jumping around or only have a limited time to watch, I’m listing segments of the interview below (I approximated the time.). My favorite parts are bolded. We cover a lot of ground. Future episodes will probably be shorter and more specific. With that being said, Leslie has a really unique story and a lot of excellent points.

  • Leslie’s educational background – studying and interning in Chile as a university student (2:30-5:00)
  • How Chilean slang is really different from other Spanish (5:00-6:30)
  • Safety in Chile and developing countries (6:30-8:20)
  • How Leslie learned of teaching opportunities in China and how she prepared before she left (8:30-14:15)
  • Her experience teaching at a university in China – orientation, teaching style, lifestyle, accommodation, salary (14:30-20:00)
  • Her internship at the American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai (20:00-23:00)
  • Reverse culture shock when she went back to the states (23:30-25:00)
  • Moving to Beijing and finding work as a corporate English tutor (26:00-28:00)
  • Learning how to speak Chinese (28:00-30:10)
  • Visa issues in China (30:30-31:50)
  • Leslie’s work at an ad agency as an English copywriter in China and advice for transitioning to different jobs (32:10-36:30)
  • Lifestyle of living in China as an expat and getting involved in the community (37:10-38:30)
  • Moving from China to Chile and getting involved in Startup Chile (39:00-42:40)
  • What Leslie is currently doing in Chile (42:45-44:45)
  • How living abroad has opened up lots of job opportunities that she may not have had in the states (45:00-46:20)
  • Attributes that are advantageous for people to have if they want to live and work abroad (46:50-47:40)
  • Ways to get started for launching an international career (48:15-50:20)
  • Tips on networking to get a job you want overseas (52:00-55:30)

Info and Sites Mentioned in the Interview:

QUESTION OF THE DAY: Leslie mentioned that many of her jobs came from meeting people and who she knew. She stressed the importance of personal connections. I’d like to know how important personal connections are to you. Let me know!

Connect With Leslie
You can connect with Leslie by email at, on Twitter (@leslieforman), and on LinkedIn.

Leslie’s pic from her website (Photo by Kyle Hepp. Taken at Bloque Diego Portales, Santiago de Chile)

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