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Episode Slice #1: Greg Albritton on Language Learning, Working in Costa Rica, and Knowing Your Travel Objectives

Get ready to listen to some inspiring words! On the very first episode of Atlas Sliced, I am thrilled to have Greg Albritton, a world traveler who has lived and worked abroad in many different locations. I reached out to him because I knew he had a really interesting story.

He shares his words of wisdom on language learning, cultural immersion, and working in a foreign country. One thing that we talked about that really resonated with me is the importance of your objective when traveling. Your objective will shape your goals and answer the question, “Why am I traveling?” Traveling and living in a foreign country long-term isn’t for everyone, so it’s good to take a step back and examine if it’s right for you.

Here are some more highlights and insights from the interview:

  • What inspired Greg to initially start travelling
  • How he went from hating learning Spanish to loving it
  • Why too much studying isn’t always a good thing
  • Advantages and disadvantages of home stays
  • The story behind how he found work in Costa Rica and helped start a business from the ground up
  • The power of making connections
  • Insights on finding a job overseas
  • Being okay with the unexpected and taking risks

… and so much more!

Sites mentioned in the interview:

  • Idealist – solid resource for international jobs, internships, and volunteer positions
  • Costa Rica Outward Bound – outdoor experiential education organization that’s connected with different schools worldwide
  • Autentico Adventures – the adventure company in Costa Rica that Greg helped found!
  • TripAdvisor – a great view site for destinations, restaurants, and accommodation
  • Kayak – a site for deals on flights
  • Chase Adam and Watsi – crowdsourcing funding platform for people needing medical care. They recently launched and are doing incredible things. Can’t wait to get Chase on the show.

Question of the day: WHAT ARE YOUR TRAVEL OBJECTIVES?  Everyone has a different objective, so I want to know yours. Leave a comment below!

Connect With Greg
You can find more info about Greg and connect with him on his website.


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Get FREE insider news once a week