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Create Video Interviews

A VERY COMMON question I get is how I create side-by-side video interviews. So, to answer your burning questions, I decided to make a simple course for you. And let me tell you, if I can do it, then you can definitely do it. Trust me… I’m no techie!

What is in the course? The course includes SEVEN video tutorials (so you can see how I work) combined with FAQs and a supplemental document to learn how to create video interviews on a Mac. Once you buy it, you’ll get access to a special URL with a secret password. By the end of the short course, you’ll be able to create video interviews easily.

How did I learn to make side-by-side video interviews? I learned from an influential video interview host. After leaning, I made changes to his technique and added my own personal advice and info to my tutorials.

Here’s what I have in store for you:

  • Tips for recording your interview on Skype, settings that work (screenshots included), and how to record
  • My own PDF that I send out to every guest before each interview
  • Screenflow basics – How to take your recorded calls and put them into a Screenflow doc, how to edit the video, and how to export the video (screenshots of the settings included)
  • How to make templates for future episodes
  • How to add intros to your videos
  • How to create audio-only episodes
  • Posting on YouTube: Tips and tricks
  • How to embed your YouTube video onto a WordPress post
  • Answers to frequently asked questions
  • Personal access to me to ask any questions you have about any of the training

You get a lifetime access to all of these things for only…


Just to put it into perspective, that’s less than…

  • A nice dinner for two
  • A month of specialty drinks from a coffee shop
  • Tickets to a concert

See what others have to say!

“Alexa, this course is amazing…I have been trying to learn how to do side by side edited interview videos by searching google and getting lost in page after page of confusing, unhelpful jargon. I just finished your course and I have, for the first time been able to do an interview, put it up on youtube and have it look exactly the way I wanted it to. I cannot thank you enough!” – Andrew J.

Are you in?

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* To record and edit side-by-side video interviews the way that I do it, you’ll need three things first:

1) A Mac (sorry PC users!)
2) Screenflow (It’s $99, but you can download a free trial)
3) Skype (free) + Ecamm Call Recorder (It’s $20, and it’s magical)