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EPISODE SLICE #52: Teaching English in Korea with Samuel Jeffery and Audrey Bergner

Travel bloggers and former English teachers in Korea Audrey Bergner (That Backpacker) and Samuel Jeffery (Nomadic Samuel) are on the show today. Combined, this pair has spent over four years teaching English in Korea. And, they have a super awesome YouTube channel (Backpacking Travel TV) PLUS another blog called Backpacking Travel Blog. Let’s just say they’re no strangers to online media.

We are deep diving today into Sam and Audrey’s lives as English teachers in Korea. Originally, I had been thinking about keeping this video for a guide I thought about making about teaching English in Korea, but I nixed the idea and am now going to share with you all! We cover a lot of bases, so if you are interested in teaching English in Korea, pay attention. This video is for you.

Here’s just some of what we cover. 

  • How they found their teaching jobs (helpful sites and recruiters they used)
  • Differences between teaching jobs in Korea (private vs public vs older kids vs younger kids)
  • The goods – benefits (salary, accommodation, vacation time, etc.)
  • TEFL certification programs they used
  • Favorite and least favorite parts of teaching English in Korea
  • Their social life, mingling with other expats, and learning basic Korean
  • Funny/quirky stories about living in Korea (spam and freckles)
  • Anything they know now that they wish they knew before they came to Korea to teach
  • Lots of advice about teaching English in Korea

… and so much more!

Connect with Sam and Audrey

Sam and Audrey were super helpful, down to Earth, and I really appreciated them sitting down with me to chat. They even went to a quiet cafe with good Internet to ensure a good connection. Thanks you two! Make sure to head over to their websites and connect with them via social media.

Samuel Jeffery and Audrey Bergner

Samuel Jeffery and Audrey Bergner

Samuel Jeffery and Audrey Bergner

Samuel Jeffery and Audrey Bergner

Info and sites mentioned in the episode slice 

Dave’s ESL Cafe


Footprints Recruiting

Teach Away

Global TESOL

International House

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  • Nomadic Samuel

    Thanks Alexa, it was great fun talking about teaching in Korea with you. It’s funny how just after a week and a half on the road it seems like we taught such a long time ago :)

    • Alexa Hart

      I know the feeling! Crazy how that happens when we start to travel.

  • The Travel Tart

    Haven’t been to Korea, but I’m sure Audrey and Sam got underneath it’s skin! Would like to go there some day soon!