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EPISODE SLICE #60: Go Abroad’s Senior VP – Tips for Studying Abroad and Working in International Education

Atlas Sliced is collaborating… with Go Abroad! For the next several weeks, you’ll hear from the Go Abroad team about how they broke into the world of international education and meaningful travel. First up on the list is Brooke Roberts, Senior VP, who talked to me on the road from Fort Hays State University in Kansas. She has been traveling around the U.S. in the Go Abroad bus (How cool is that?!) and was able to make time to be interviewed while traveling.

Here’s what we discuss:

  • How her passion for studying abroad was formed
  • How she pivoted from wanting to be a a political operative to working in the international education field
  • Tips for entering the field of international education and why it’s competitive (See this link also)
  • Ideas for classes to take when studying abroad
  • Her job as a Living Learning Coordinator for Semester at Sea
  • Biggest advice for people interested in studying abroad
  • Her site - Inside Study Abroad

… and so much more!

Special thanks to Brooke Roberts!
Brooke Roberts

Brooke Roberts

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Get FREE insider news once a week


  • Brooke Roberts

    Alexa! Why didn’t you tell me to put my out of control hands down? hahaha ;) It was so much fun talking with you and sharing my story. Can’t wait to turn the tables and get you over on Inside Study Abroad. Keep on slicing and dicing such a great site!

    • Alexa Hart

      LOL, hand movements are great! They show personality :)

  • Ashley Schelling

    Wow! She was my study abroad coordinator at the University of South Dakota. Crazy to see her here but I know she’s big in the American study abroad world.

    • Alexa Hart