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Atlas Sliced: A Reflection

As many of you may know, I ended Atlas Sliced a few years ago. I “quit” it cold turkey. As in, I didn’t really check social media or email until today. I ended it because I got engaged (and then married), enrolled in graduate school to get my master’s in education, and moved to China to teach at an international school. Now, my husband and I live abroad in Beirut teaching at an international/American school.

While I loved connecting with people all over the world (THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone who contributed – bloggers, writers, teachers, volunteers, travel-gear professionals, people with odd jobs, people from Go Abroad and Go Overseas, and more), it was too hard for me to maintain. Plus, it cost money to host the podcasts on a podcasting platform.

Knowing very little about the world of videos and podcasting, I am proud of what I put out to the world in a short amount of time. And, I learned many skills along the way, like how to update my website (or who to contact when I needed help), using social media for “business,” using Mail Chimp (email marketing service), and how to podcast/record. There’s a lot of work involved in the back end, like editing, uploading, adding show notes and intros, etc. I absolutely loved my web designer and developer and would recommend them in a heartbeat.

Some people might see this passion project as a failure. It’s true — I didn’t really make money. But, I only did it for about a year, and there’s so much I learned. I also got the opportunity to interact with inspiring individuals. In fact, they were so inspiring that I decided to go back abroad.

It has been over four years since I last posted. I finally checked my email from the past four years and cleared out over 2000 messages. Most of them were a mix of Google alerts and newsletters from other sites. However, there were a number of other contacts who were emailing me the following information/requests, and I couldn’t help but chuckle.

  • People wanting to guest-post on the site
  • People wanting me to interview them
  • People wanting me to guest-post on their sites
  • People wanting to advertise on the site. Most were terrible deals, but a couple seemed quite lucrative!
  • People telling me that my links were broken on my site and that they could fix it for a cost. Yes indeed, I’m sure there are broken links, as I do not update this website anymore.
  • People telling me that they could increase traffic to my site… For a cost of course
  • People wanting me to add their link to the resources page
  • Spammers making some sort of financial request

And lastly, there were some genuine thank-yous from people who I managed to inspire. This made my heart sing.

Who knows. Maybe I’ll come back to Atlas Sliced. We’ll see. But, it may take a different shape or format. For now, Lillie at Teaching Traveling is doing a fantastic job.

Living and working abroad doesn’t seem as “exotic” as it used to, perhaps because I’ve spent a significant amount of time abroad. The world is getting smaller, and I meet interesting people doing exciting jobs all the time. The most admirable people, in my opinion, are humanitarian workers.

For those who would like to connect in the future, please find me on Twitter. After a recent Google Education conference at our school in Beirut, I have reignited my personal Twitter account. Or, if you know me personally, please connect with me privately via my private email account.

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