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  • EPISODE SLICE #77: Tortuga Backpacks – The Backstory, Entrepreneurial and Travel Advice, & Version 2!

    Fred Perrotta and his friend went on an extended trip a few years ago and encountered a problem. Their bags just weren’t holding up. So, they decided to tackle this issue, with little experience on how to create a physical product. The end result: Tortuga Backpacks, the ultimate carry-on backpack for extended, urban travel.

    Fred and I touch on a number of topics including…

    • Creating Tortuga Backpacks and the trial and error that occurred
    • Advice for aspiring entrepreneurs in the travel space and how picking a niche is important
    • Tips for beginner travelers
    • The newest version of Tortuga Backpacks and why they decided to create it

    … and so much more!

  • EPISODE SLICE #76: European Travel Expert Andy Steves Talks Travel, Entrepreneurship & More

    Today’s Atlas Sliced episode is a goodie. Andy Steves, founder and CEO of Weekend Student Adventures, is my guest. It’s safe to say that he knows more about European travel than anyone I know. Having Rick Steves as his father definitely helps. What I like about Andy is that he is forging his own, different path in the travel space. We cover a ton of ground in this interview. Andy is very well-spoken, and it’s clear that he has a true passion for European travel. Plus, he is really well-spoken and fair game for all questions, including questions submitted by audience members!

  • EPISODE SLICE #75: How to Raise Funds Successfully on Volunteer Forever

    Today, I’m happy to have Steve Weddle, co-founder and CEO of Volunteer Forever, on the show. I had one of the other co-founders on Atlas Sliced a while back, but there have been some big changes since then. Steve’s here to talk about new developments, plus…

    • Volunteer Forever’s growth (1000+ users!)
    • How-to advice on creating a successful volunteer fundraising campaign on the site
    • Success stories of stand-out fundraisers

    … and so much more!