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  • EPISODE SLICE #76: European Travel Expert Andy Steves Talks Travel, Entrepreneurship & More

    Today’s Atlas Sliced episode is a goodie. Andy Steves, founder and CEO of Weekend Student Adventures, is my guest. It’s safe to say that he knows more about European travel than anyone I know. Having Rick Steves as his father definitely helps. What I like about Andy is that he is forging his own, different path in the travel space. We cover a ton of ground in this interview. Andy is very well-spoken, and it’s clear that he has a true passion for European travel. Plus, he is really well-spoken and fair game for all questions, including questions submitted by audience members!

  • EPISODE SLICE #75: How to Raise Funds Successfully on Volunteer Forever

    Today, I’m happy to have Steve Weddle, co-founder and CEO of Volunteer Forever, on the show. I had one of the other co-founders on Atlas Sliced a while back, but there have been some big changes since then. Steve’s here to talk about new developments, plus…

    • Volunteer Forever’s growth (1000+ users!)
    • How-to advice on creating a successful volunteer fundraising campaign on the site
    • Success stories of stand-out fundraisers

    … and so much more!

  • EPISODE SLICE #74: The Arrival Store – Everything You Need When Moving to Korea

    Besides taking the cake for the best background in an Atlas Sliced interview, my guest Scot Sustad is the co-founder of The Arrival Store. For those who don’t know, the Arrival Store is THE most useful website when preparing to move to Korea. That’s not their motto… It’s just my personal opinion. As mentioned in the interview, I wish The Arrival Store was around when I taught in Korea a few years ago. It would have been extremely helpful.